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that package. >> we're just about 45 minutes away from our live coverage of president obama's state of the union address tonight. the president is set to address immigration reform. he's expected to call on congress to pass gun control measures such as universal background checks. certainly we know the broad themes of president obama's state of the union address, now david stevenson reports on what people in the bay area want to hear. >> reporter: business is booming at just for fun. after a couple of bumpy years in which parents wouldn't even bring the kids inside. >> children would want to come in the store and there'd be the argument that they can't buy anything because they're fearful that their income may be affected. >> reporter: consumer confidence here is up after the worst recession since the great depression. he hopes president obama's state of the union address will focus on nurturing new and recovering small businesses. >> he needs to continue on the path of making it affordable for businesses. >> reporter: with the nation's unemployment rate at almost 8%, the president
. >>> and following president obama's state of the union address, matt goes one-on-one with house speaker john boehner in an exclusive interview. >>> finally, we'd like to take a moment to remember a long-term member of the nbc family, correspondent tom aspell who passed away monday after a two year battle with lung cancer. tom was a veteran for nbc news, he started his career as a cameraman in 1971 and later stepped in front of the lens to report it all, including bosnia chechnya and baghdad. he covered the fall of saddam, the fall of saigon, the fall of the shah. a native new zealander tom was at home anywhere in the world most recently in cypress. he leaves behind his wife and two sons as well as countless friends and colleagues from his 28 year career here at nbc. tom was 62. >>> breaking news. east bay police on the scene of a possible shooting involving a police officer. we are live next. >> until mr. dorner has been identified as either deceased or he has handcuffs on him in jail, we are going to continue as though he's still out there. >> and the overnight search for answers. what we have lear
. tom's off tonight. americans are waiting to hear from president obama as he gives his state of the union speech. we look at his jobs plan and what wall street wants to hear from the president. and currency wars: g-7 countries say they're looking to boost their local economies, but critics say they're aiming to get ahead by weakening their currencies. that and more tonight on "n.b.r." we're hours away from president obama's state of the union address. americans aren't just listening for what he says but how he says it. will he strike a hopeful or optimistic tone, and will he offer a concrete plan to create jobs and grow the economy? washington bureau chief darren gersh reports. >> reporter: with more than half of americans thinking the economy is still in recession, it makes sense that the president is focused on a jobs agenda in his speech tonight. but while his plan may be new, the challenge is not. >> the economy is not growing fast because the demand for the goods and services that we can produce in this country has not increased very much. and unfortunately, the public s
're hours away from president obama's state of the union address. americans aren't just listening for what he says but how he says it. will he strike a hopeful or optimistic tone, and will he offer a concrete plan to create jobs and grow the economy? washington bureau chief darren gersh reports. >> reporter: with more than half of americans thinking the economy is still in recession, it makes sense that the president is focused on a jobs agenda in his speech tonight. but while his plan may be new, the challenge is not. >> the economy is not growing fast because the demand for the goods and services that we can produce in this country has not increased very much. and unfortunately, the public sector purchases of consumption items and investment items has been incredibly weak compared with earlier recessions. >> reporter: state and local speing on roads, buildings and bridges has hit a seven-year low. it's fallen so far that even the massive stimulus plan was not enough to make up the gap, and that's the challenge for the president. he's expected to propose more spending on infrastructure to
you. >>> military families will be listening closely to president obama's state of the union address tonight. they are concerned about their loved ones in a war zone. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez is in san jose where he met with military families. len. >> reporter: exactly right, elizabeth. there is a lot on the president's agenda but military families hope that what the president talks about tonight will also remind people like this memorial here in downtown san jose that there are men and women all over the world right now serving in harm's way. jackie flies the flag in fronts of her sunnyvale home and has a bluestar in the window. >> my son is sergeant joseph josch and he has been in armor with tanks his whole career. >> reporter: she will be watching president obama's state of the union speech tonight with special attention to anything about north korea's nuclear testing. >> which my son the boots on the ground, it's a fear. >> reporter: the sergeant is married with two children and has served two tours of duty in iraq. today he is depl
obama might give them some tonight in his state of the union address. suzanne pratt has the story. >> reporter: with earnings season winding down, wall street could use some new headlines to chew on. good economic data would be nice. friendly washington politics would also be helpful. tonight's state of the union speech might give investors a clue as to whether that's likely to happen. veteran trader teddy weissberg is hoping president obama will stress the need for bipartisanship but isn't sure that's what he'll hear. >> in terms of tonight, i don't think anybody that i talk to in the wall street arena expects to hear anything terribly dramatic one way or another. >> reporter: since lawmakers and the white house kicked the proverbial can down the road around new years, the stock market has rallied rather nicely. the s&p 500 is up nearly 7% and the dow is about 150 points away from its all-time high. of course, stocks have been getting help from corporate america, too. it turns out fourth quarter profits were better than expected, led by the housing sector and financial firms. >>
everyone in the nation and that is president obama's state of the union address. tonight, president obama laid down his blueprint for his second term. for a country that faces numerous obstacles in the immediate future, the economy is top of mind. in addition, the debate over gun control, immigration, and the military future in afghanistan sets -- took center stage. we begin with rebekah live in our newsroom. >> his first state of the union since reelection the president laid out his agenda for off a message of optimism. >> we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger. >> acknowledging major challenges ahead as obama called on congress to focus on the economy and helping the middle class, calling for investments in infrastructure, energy, education and manufacturing along with raising the minimum wage and help for homeowners. the president said it is time to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> why would we choose to make deeper cuts to education and medicare just to protect special interest tax breaks? how is that fair? >> he called the sequester a really bad idea
4 morning >> welcome back. the time is 4:09. president obama delivered his state of the union address to both houses of congress and millions of americans watched from home. >> the stakes were high in this much-anticipated speech. in early schmidt reports. >> in his fourth state of the union address he laid out the plans for his second term in office. >> the focus of tonight's speech how he plans to improve the economy and find work for the nation's 12.3 million unemployed americans. >> economic growth requires a balanced approach. with spending cuts and revenue. with everyone doing their fair share. >> warmly received by democrats and mostly dismissed by republicans. the president will need the help of both parties to achieve his goals. >> that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments. >> 34,000 troops to be withdrawn from afghanistan by this time next year. >> each of these proposals deserves a vote in congress. >> on gun control he made it clear he wants action. >> the families into sun and the cow was of a community's ripped open by gun violence they
. >> president obama uses his state of the union to urge congress to tackle gun-control. he will speak to kathy, and, in chicago professor and organizer organized a petition of hadiya pendleton. we will also speak to obama's climate change policies. >> i can announce over the next year another 34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan. this drawdown will continue. by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over. >> while obama says the war will be over next year, the pentagon says the troops will remain until the 2024. we will speak to activist kathy kelly. and we will speak to aura bogado about what he did not say about immigration. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president obama gave further details on his second term agenda tuesday night with the annual state of the union address. on the environment, obama called on lawmakers to take action against global warming with a number of victims of gun violence in attendance, obama also urged congress to vote on new gun control measures, including background checks and ba
the speech we have the highlights this prong from president obama's state of the union address. he covered a range -- this morning from the president's state of the union address. some faces in the crowd reflected another issue, gun violence. ed payne has the story. >> reporter: it began as most state of the union the president greeting members of congress. but in the hall prominent guest victims of gun violence. like gabby giffords and next to michelle obama, the parents of shrine chicago teen hadiya pendleton. >> three weeks ago she was here in washington with her classmates performing for her country in my inauguration. and a week later, she was shot and killed in a chicago park after school. >> reporter: the president also talked about the tragic shootings in midtown connecticut. >> it has been two months since newtown. i know this is not the first time this country debateed how to reduce gun violence -- debated how to reduce gun violence but this time is different. >> reporter: after this shootings the president proposed tenning gun laws. >> the proposals deserve a vote -- toughening
forward with additions to the hotel. >> president obama's state of the union address is less than an hour away. the speech is mandated by the constitution and white house officials say it will be wide ranging. >> we are live in capitol hill, steve, what is the tone and goal for the president tonight? >> well, the tone is the question mark. good evening. he will definitely talk about north korea, and afghanistan and, jobs, immigration and guns, those are the topics, the tone we will have to wait and see. will president obama talk compromise or vow to win his way on the big issues? >> we will find out everything that i have to say tonight. >> the headline could be the obama announcement that he will bring home 34,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan, but he will warn the military could be hurt by spending cuts march 1st, the sequester. outside the capitol, protesters were protesting the cuts that would hit social services. preventing sequester cuts requires a deal on taxes and spending. that the president has called for in previous state of the union speeches. but there's still no agreement. >>
very much, toss it back to you, bret. >> bret: thank you. president obama's state of the union address called for spending on infrastructure and manufacturing, and he advocated a boost in the minimum wage and new gun control laws. florida senator marco rubio ap the republican response chided the president for what he called an obsession for tax increases and said his proposals would hurt the middle class. one thing they could all agree on immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform, but there are a lot of hurdles to get through on capitol hill, the budget, the sequester before we get to that. all of that's coming in in the come weeks, tune in for special report 6 p.m. eastern on fox news channel and we'll cover every aspect of all the things that are developing, like drinking from a fire hose here in washington. thanks for watching our coverage of the state of the union address, i'm bret baier, good night in washington. we'll see you. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics i
shin, thank you so much for that update. >>> reaction is rolling into president obama's state of union, democrats called it a lecture while some republicans complained about a lack of concrete details to fix the economy. tracie potts has the details from washington. >> reporter: creating new jobs for the middle class, that's the president's focus today in north carolina after telling congress the wealthy still need to pay more. >> we can't have senior citizens and working families to shoulder the entire burden of deficit reduction while asking nothing more from the wealthiest and the most powerful. >> reporter: he is pushing for a permanent budget. >> the gratest nation on earth can not keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. we can't do it. >> reporter: allowing homeowners to refinance. >> democrats and republicans have supported it before. so what are we waiting for? >> reporter: immigration reform. >> now is the time to get it done. >> reporter: and a vote on gun control with victims families in the audience. >> more than two dozen american
to you. >>> in this morning's top stories, president obama delivers his first state of the union address since his rehigh pressure election. economy particularly finding ways to boost the middle class was the central focus. the president presented an ambitious agenda to create jobs and boost the minimum wage. >> tonight, let's also recognize that there are communities in this country that no matter how hard you work, it is virtually impossible to get ahead. we need to build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class for all those who are willing to climb them. >> we'll have much more on that state of the union address in just a moment. >>> there are conflicting reports in the search for a former lapd officer wanted for murder. officials say a body has been found inside a mountain cabben cab -- cabin but they are not saying if it is christopher dorner. a gun battle killed one officer and wounded 11. a massive manhunt has been under way since last week. >>> pope benedict xvi will lead ash wednesday mass at st. peter's basilica today. ash wednesday marks the beginning of lent, a perio
is out of jail. in santa rosa, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: president obama delivered his state of the union address tonight to both houses of congress. and millions of americans watching at home. the stakes were high in this emily schmidt reports. president obama just delivered his state of the union address to both houses of congress and millions of americans watching at home. >> the stakes were high in this much-anticipated speech. >> "the president of the united states" >> reporter: in his 4th state of the union address, president obama laid out the agenda for his second term in office. >> "the state of our union is stronger." >> reporter: the focus of tonight's speech: how *he plans to improve the economy and find work for 12 point 3 million unemployed americans. >> "broad-based economic growth requires a balanced approach to deficit reduction, with spending cuts and revenue, and with everybody doing >> reporter: warmly received by democrats and mostly dismissed by republicans, the president will need help from both parties to achieve his goals. >> "let's set party interest
>>> good morning. in the state of the union, president obama presses congress on issues including taxes, entitlements, immigration, and gun control. >>> market milestones. the dow turning in its highest close of the year. announcing 1% of an all-time record. >>> and in corporate news, comcast is buying the rest of nbcuniversal from general election for $16.7 billion. it's wednesday, february 13, 2013. "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. we are following major stories. after yesterday's close on wall street, u.s. equity futures this morning, well, you see they are fight a little bit higher. -- they are fight a little bit higher. after gains yesterday, the dow up more than 45 points yesterday. our guest host is westwood capital's len bloom. the next hour, famed investor and billionaire real estate tycoon, sam zell. top-ranked money manager don yakman. his fund have seen annual returns of 10% over the last five years. we'll also talk about how business leaders and inv
. >>> well a determined president obama pressed his political agenda during his state of the union address. there was little compromise during last night's one-hour speech as the president pushed congress to push an issue ranging from gun control. he goes to north carolina to further outline his proposal. al just released cbs news poll found 52% approve of the job president obama is doing, but 54% believe the country is on the wrong track. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning, susan. >> hey, good morning, anne-marie. yeah, the president seemed emboldened and unyielding last night. he fleshed out lots of the themes from tin august rail address talking about how to get the middle class thriving again and talking about how to revive the economy and also unveiled some new initiative including universal preschool and voting initiativess and raising the minimum wage burke he gave the speech before a deeply divided congress many of whom believe when it comes to the nation's problems, government is not the solution. >> fellow americans -- >> president obama used
, and the economy. in his first state of the union of his second term, president barack obama laid out his vision to move forward, highlighting its plans to grow the middle class. >> let's declare that in the well this nation on earth no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty. clark president proposed raising minimum wage to $9. he urged congress to act to avoid cuts that could kick in march 1. >> let's set party interests aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. it's one of the most dramatic moments came on the issue of gun control, speaking directly to congress. many members wearing green ribbons to honor the victims of the sandy hook elementary school. the president said to bring the issue to a vote. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and countless other communities ripped open by gun violence deserve a simple vote. and that was an emotional time inside the chamber. now it's simms it may be very tough to get any of
. >>> political push. president obama's state of the union address. his proposals outline how they'll impact you. and his big request to members of congress. >>> flight fright. a passenger's first flight turned into a frightening ordeal. what was supposed to be a happy occasion was anything but. >>> and top dog. a little pup with a giant personality. meet banana joe, this year's winner of the westminster dog show. >>> and good wednesday morning, everybody. we do begin with that breaking news out of southern california. investigators have located charred human remains within the debris of that burned out cabin, where it's believed christopher dorner was holed up. >> if dorner is positively identified, it would bring an end to the manhunt for the former lapd officer. abc's brandi hitt has more from l.a. >> reporter: the manhunt for accused cop-killer, christopher dorner, now centers on this burned out cabin east of los angeles. we learned overnight that a charred body has now been removed. >> we believe that someone was inside. we had reason to believe that that was christopher dorner. >> reporter
and williams are being charged with first-degree murder. president obama used his state of the union address to urge congress to put aside congresspartisan differences. >> we cannot have senior citizens and working families. asking nothing more from the wealthiest and most powerful. will not build the middle class by shifting the cost of health care. >> president unveiled the new proposals aimed at improving the lives of the middle class. everything from preschool education to repairing the aging infrastructure. over the next year 34,000 u.s. troops will come home from afghanistan. >> i think that is will really tug at the heart strings of most americans who were watching. >> michele obama was choked up. they stopped short of criticizing the presentpresident. an assault weapon did not kill her. that is the heart of the debate. there were several members of congress that brought victims of gun violence or survivors there last night. this is not an issue about assault weapons. that is not the issue. it is not about assault weapons. proposed >> those are being put forth. their chicago cr
. >> president obama delivered his state of the union last night calling for bipartisan cooperation in congress and a stronger focus on job creation. mr. obama said the state of the union is stronger but he pushed for changes to gun control and immigration reform. the president demanded an end to stalemates in congress that kept lawmakers from passing a permanent budget. >> the greatest nation on earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the neck. >> i don't buy it. we have heard it before. >> the president's speech lacked specifics when it came to the economy, said republicans. coming up, a live report from marla teyes and expert analysis from a political science professor. >> the time is 6:11. coming up, a crucial court hearing nine years in the making. we'll tell you what's at stake for barry bonds as he tries to clear his name and defend his baseball legacy. that's ahead. >> great to be watching over the years. >> plus a family reunion. a familiar name joining the giants in the cactus league. ahead, a live report from scottsdale. >>> 6:13. barry b
. and with everybody doing their fair share. >> the battle over spending took centerstage at president obama's state of the union address. he laid out a plan that he says will reignite the middle class without adding a dime to the national deficit and central to that plan is education, the president says. he called for high quality preschool, which he says will help boost graduation rates. he also wants to reward schools that emphasize math, science and technology. when it comes to higher education, he wants to withhold federal aid to colleges that don't keep tuition costs down. >>> on the jobs front, he called for a raise to the minimum wage up to $9 from the current $7.25. he wants to link it to increases in the cost of living. he also wants to create infrastructure jobs with a federal program that will fix deteriorating bridges, ports, pipelines and schools. on top of that, the president wants to come back to the ideas that have been floating around for a few years like reforming medicare, changing the tax code and increasing green energy programs. >> there are parent here in this chamber along w
expect from president obama's state of the union speech tonight? i spoke with white house press secretary jay carney a short time ago. jay carney, thank you for joining us. let me begin by asking what does the president want to accomplish tonight? >> judy, tonight he wants to make clear to the american people that his number-one priority is what it has always been since he began running for the office of the presidency back in 2007. that is, the need to grow the economy and rebuild and strengthen the middle class because the middle class has always been the engine of our economic growth. when the middle class does well, when our economy grows from the middle out instead of the top down, america does better. that's really been the focus of his energies on domestic policy since, like i said, the time he began running for this office. it was the focus of so much what he did in his first term. it remains the focus because the recession that was in full bloom when he took office in january of 2009 cost this economy almost nine million jobs. and dug a heublg hole out of which we've been climbin
president obama delivers his state of the union address, the white house calls it a highly provocative act. even the only major ally china is expecting from opposition. from south korea, and david reports. >> in an isolated paranoid nation this was hailed as a moment of national pride. >> this proves how great our military is, even if millions of enemies is half as we will win. - attack us we will one. >> this was about half as a parable of the atom -- powerful of the atom bombs america dropped on japan. last december, north korea put a satellite into orbit. it was in defiance of u.n. resolutions and marked a major step in its reocket technology. they say they have made a nuclear bomb that may be small of to mount on the rocket. kim jong-un is barely 30 years old. some thought he might bring change to this port country. he seems to have decided nuclear bombs, not economic reform, is what will guarantee the survival of his regime. the korean peninsula was divided by war 60 years ago. south koreans reach beyond the dreams of northerners have grown used to protect and have shut them off. nort
-lapd cop in a revenge/feud killing spree. >>> the state of our union is strong. >>> president obama uses the first "state of the union" address of his second term to lay out steps to help the economy announce troop withdrawal in afghanistan and pressure congress to take action on gun control. >> the families of tee sown and blacksburg and countless other communities hit by gunfire, they deserve a simple vote. >>> and the westminster dog show, banana joe takes home the top prize at the westminster kennel dog show. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, february 13th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning it appears the manhunt for a former los angeles policeman suspected in a deadly campaign against the l.a. police department is over. law enforcement officials believe the massive manhunt for christopher dorner ended about 80 miles east of los angeles in big bear, california. man thought to be dorner barricaded himself inside a cabin and opened fire. the cabin suddenly caught fire and burned to the ground. the sh
that some of this video is graphic. >> reporter: at the state of the union three years ago, president obama arranged a hero's welcome for ft. hood police sergeant kimberly munley. she now says she feels used. >> betrayal would be a good word. >> reporter: just a few months earlier, munley had been shot three times as she and her partner ended the deadly rampage. the chaotic aftermath seen here for the first time in a new video obtained by abc news. authorities say the accused shooter, major nidal hasan, identified by victims as the man in this photo, had communicated with an al qaeda leader and wanted to kill even more. >> he had over 177 rounds still left on his person. >> reporter: munley, who has since been laid off, says the president broke the promise that he made, that the ft. hood shooting victims would be well taken care of. >> not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of. in fact, they've been neglected. very badly. >> reporter: so the president's promise was not fulfilled. >> no. >> reporter: what has so upset munley and the other victims, and led them to file a
obama delivered his sports date of the union address in about an hour last night. -- his first state of been in address. he got interrupted more than 70 times by applause. it was the 222nd state of the union by a u.s. president. he spoke about gun laws, new spending on education, increasing the minimum wage, creating new private-sector- public partnerships. there was a response from marco rubio and another from rand paul. we will get your reaction to all of this. 202-585-3882 for all others. reach us on twitter or facebook, or send us an e-mail. let's go through the headlines in the national papers this morning. pierce "usa toda -- here is "usa today" -- and then here is the "washington times" -- and the new york times -- the wall street journal -- the washington post -- we are getting your reaction this morning on the washington journal for the first hour. what did you think of the speech, the proposals, and the republican response as well? later on, a line of lawmakers for their reaction and to take your comments. our first phone call is joe in georgia, republican. caller: thank yo
up the state of the union. take it away, bret. >> president obama's state of the union address, i'm bret baier in washington, you're looking live inside the house chamber there. tonight marks the 92nd time this annual message to congress or state of the union address has been delivered in person by a president. it's this president's fourth. there you see dr. jill biden being escorted to the box where she will sit and watch this address. we're told that the president will use this speech tonight to shift heavily to the economy, shifting the emphasis away from the broad social agenda of his second inaugural address, to focus on manufacturing and infrastructure, other investments and research and education. the house speaker today called that more spending, charged that on the issue of tackling the deficit and debt, quote, i don't think he has the guts to do it. he doesn't have the courage to take on the liberal side of his own party, and never has. as you see, the cabinet, i believe, those are coming into the house chamber. and basically, this is the mood. that's the mood up on capi
over an hour president obama will deliver his fifth state of the union address to a politically polarized audience outside capitol hill and their polarized representatives and senators under the capitol dome. now current tv will be covering the speech in its entirety, and i'll be back to break it down with panel include current's cenk uygur and. michael shure. tonight the president is expected to focus on policies to create more jobs, heal the ailing economy and rebuild the middle class. he's expected to call for compromise, and talk about searching for common ground, with republicans who deny the possibility of either. so long as mr. obama's in office. >> another litany of left-wing proposals with plenty of red meat for the president's base. >> john: because everyone thinks obama is left wing except people on the left wing. house speaker john boehner was even more dismissive. he told reporters today that the house republicans won't pass any part of the president's agenda this year except for immigration, and told mr. obama to stay out of it. and boehner also said the president
." ♪ ♪ >> eric: president obama delivered his fifth "state of the union." the grand entrance by the rockstar in chief, bipartisan bowing and patting each other on the back as they barrel toward armageddon was a spectacle. the president thinks he knows what is best for us. i think he sees himself as a father figure, in a cool way. like this guy. >> i'm a cool dad. that is my bang. >> ♪ we're all in this together ♪ ♪ yes, we are ♪ we're all stars ♪ of something you know it >> eric: sorry, mr. president, that is not how i see it, sir. i can see it like chick bike riding girlie arm dad that whines and nags and whines and nags. >> so let's be clear. common sense reform. minimum wage and our fair share. manufacturered crisis. >> gun violence. >> climate change. immigration reform. >> bob, haven't the american people heard this song enough played over and over and over again? >> bob: what happened to you? did you take a big hit of red bull or something? nose spray. that is right. for the last two months you have been a quiet, more self-assuming eric bolling. now you converted right back t
management. >> susie: bob, let me start by first getting your take on president obama's state of the union address last night. was there anything that he said that makes you want to change your investment strategy or change your thinking about investing in the stock market? >> not a whole lot, susie. as you know, most of what the president said was also said in some way in hi inauguration speech, and other speeches he made. there was a long laundry list of a lot of things we would all like to do, but they also cost money, and the republicans are basically saying we're not giving you anymore money at this point in time. so most of it is dead on arrival. i would say that the focus in d.c. these days, of course, is on the issue related to sequesteration. and the president said, we've got some things to talk about with the republicans, but most observers, and i would agree, are thinking we'll hit the sequester march 1, but hopefully not for long. >> susie: if there is s sequestration, what does that mean for the economy? >> i think most people are already figuring some sequestration for severa
. >> 70 4:00 a.m. and president obama is state of the union address lit up the twitter of birds. 1.1 million state of being in related tweets were made between the time obama entered the white house chamber until the end of his speech. the most we did say the unabomber was one obama said the federal federal minimum-wage to be raised to $9 an hour. the board to redeem about that at 24,000 sheets per minute. the second most we did comment came when obama called on congress to vote on controversy of gun control measures. they got people pleading at 23,700 tweets per minute. protesters are expected to be outside facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, and palo alto this evening. that is where he is hosting a fund-raiser for republican gov. chris christie. the owners are paying up to $3,800 to help fund christie's 2014 reelection campaign. political pundits are wondering whether christie, a leading gop contender for the white house in 2016, is trying to get a toehold in silicon valley which has been a powerhouse of democratic funding. the birds out recent republican comes two years after he has t
are positively identified. fox news. >> president obama gave his first state of the union address of his second term last night. the topics range from the war on terror, cyber defense, gun control to the economy and our looming deficit. the speech made some waves. gop leaders are responding to the president's stance on minimum wage and passing gun control. >> when you raise the price of employment, guess what happens? you get less of it. >> i do wish the cheer leading would stop and the prosecutions begin. >> the president is taking his ideas on the road now. he spoke with workers at a manufacturing plant in north carolina today. he'll be in georgia tomorrow and in his home state on friday. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> it was the water break seen across the country. florida senator delivered the republican response to president obama's state of the union but he may be remembered for that just a quick water break during rubio's rebutle he wiped away sweat and grab
with highlights from president obama's state of the union address. ken molestina is at the university of maryland where a memorial was held for victims of today's murder/suicide. but first we begin with gary nurenberg who is following some breaking news. he joins us now with the latest on what is apparently the violent end of an intense manhunt for christopher dorner, the former l.a. cop accused of murdering police officers for revenge. gary? >> reporter: leslie, the end of this manhunt started with a home invasion by this rogue former cop on the run. seen later by fish and game rangers who try to stop him, get their car sprayed with gunfire as dorner runs into the woods and then into the house. a big gun fight. two sheriff's deputies hit, one of them dies. a standoff, tear gas fired into the house which then catches fire. a body found in the burned-out rubble, dorner now presumed dead. the owners of this truck described a man matching dorner's spot who stole it from them in the mountains east of l.a. when he was spotted by officers, he repeatedly fired at them. >> he crashed the car and then to
peterson in the newsroom now. >> we have reaction to president obama state of the union address, including pleas for a vote on the legislation to cut down on gun violence. we're talking about a plan in virginia to stop purchases, selling a gun who would not otherwise qualify to buy a firearm. some say to stop this practice does not go far enough. those stories and more. we will see you in a few minutes. >> i checked the web site yesterday. they called the weather changing at 2:00. sure enough, right on the dime. >> rate as we expected. now we're starting to pick up. -- rain as we expected. right now on live super doppler radar, moderate rainfall. especially north of the city. northeast washington and prince george's county. farther west along interstate 81 corridor, some snow and sleet. temperatures are cool but not cold enough for this to accumulate. upper level look to the west. we will transition eastward. the major system will develop off the coast. the result will be some snow in winter precipitation, but no significant accumulation at all. pretty does quickly moving event over the ov
reiterated many times including last night in his state of the union speech. president obama reported the state of the union was better now than when he first took office. "we've cleared away the rubble of crisis...state of union is stronger." obama announced creating public and private sector manufacturing hubs in 15 cities, an energy policy that shifts cars off oil for good, and raising the minimum wage to $9.00 across the u-s with increases tied to the cost of living. "it could mean the difference between food bank and getting ahead." the president announced a bi- partisan commission to improve voting delays and made this vow about the war in afghanistan. "over the next year, 34,000 will come home and by the end of next year, our war with afghanistan will be over." the president ended with a plea to reform gun laws "gabby giffords deserves a vote. aurora, oak creek, (etc) deserve a simple vote." florida senator marco rubio provided a republican response. "obamacare is the reason companies 50 and larger aren't hiring. it's turning fulltime workers into part-time workers" observers
response to president obama's state of the union address. >>> southbound 680 traffic looks good. we'll tell you why getting to this point may be really tough. >>> time now 5:14. we are following over night news into the east bay. a high speed chase that ended in a crash. it started in antioch and ended in pittsburg. three people were in a stolen car going more than 100 miles an hour when it crashed at the harper street off ramp. those three people suffered minor yours. the 32-year-old female driver is now in custody. >> suspect has a history i don't have a full criminal history in front of me but she has a history of auto theft and warrants for her arrest. i'm not sure what those are right now. >> police also say the woman was wearing a wig leading police to think she may have been trying to hide her identity. >>> president obama made job creation and the economy the focus of his state of the union address last night. the president wants to get americans back to work by investigating in infrastructure. kyla. >> reporter: pam, president obama said the only way to get the economy back on the
. >> and president obama used his state of the union address to challenge a divided congress to make government work for the many. the president touched on a wide range of issues including gun control and immigration. his hour-long speech focused mainly on the economy. he's backing higher taxes on the wealthy, more spending on infrastructure, and manufacturing jobs. the president also proposed hiking the u.s. minimum wage to $9 an hour, tying it to the cost of living increase. he also urged lawmakers to resolve the budget battle that will result in billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts on march 1. >> let's set party interest aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. let's do it without the brinksmanship that stresses consumers and scares off investors. the greatest nation on earth -- [ applause ] >> the greatest nation on earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. [ applause ] >> we can't do it. >> and on foreign policy, the president says he'll withdraw about half t
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